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An Introduction

Since launch in 2004, Fulcrum has been managing assets in a world of constantly changing markets. The consistent application of our robust investment philosophy and process has been at the heart of successfully navigating these markets for our clients.

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Responsible Investing

At Fulcrum we strive to be a responsible business both in how we operate as a firm and how we manage our clients' investments. As a signatory to the UN PRI we have publicly stated our support for the integration of ESG risks in our investment process.

Our Investment Approach



Our macroeconomic views inform our investment decisions. We combine academic rigour with extensive market experience, using public and proprietary research to analyse the fundamental and behavioural characteristics of markets.



We invest globally in markets and sectors, not individual stocks. Our research and investment process is solely focused on global asset allocation across all major liquid asset classes.



The Fulcrum partnership is a team of over 70 employees including economists, asset class specialists and research analysts. Our investment team have deep expertise in their fields and a passion for understanding and anticipating all financial markets.