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The Analytical Edge

Our investment approach is rooted in academic rigour and analytical tenacity. We believe that a team-based, collaborative approach where ideas are debated and challenged leads to the most effective capital allocation decisions.

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Quantitative Macro Research

The Fulcrum Nowcasting Models allow us to track, on a daily basis, our best guess of economic activity across the main economies using all available information released up to each point in time.

Key Characteristics


We have technically skilled teams of macro economists, strategists and asset class specialists using proprietary data-modelling systems, allowing real-time pricing, valuation and econometric interpretation of market information.


Portfolio ideas and holdings are rigorously debated by the Fulcrum Investment Team. Our team’s technical expertise in constructing portfolios and managing risk ensures we are at the cutting edge of multi-asset investing.


Disciplined risk management is embedded in our investment philosophy. We use multiple sources of diversification and have strict risk and position limits in portfolios. We constantly review key macro and political risks, correlations between investments and portfolio hedges.