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Dynamic Balance

Our investment expertise is understanding the drivers of asset class returns and quantifying investment risk.

Fulcrum's investment process and philosophy is designed to deliver stable outcomes for investors regardless of the direction of global financial markets. We call this Dynamic Balance and the concept is ingrained in our culture.

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Components & Core

Investors can access Fulcrum’s investment strategies through a range of diversified multi-asset funds, single asset portfolios and alternative beta strategies. All are valuable either as components of a diversified portfolio for wealth managers and institutions, or as a core holding in their own right.



Our diversified multi-asset strategies provide dynamic asset allocation solutions across equities, fixed income, currencies, commodities and alternative asset classes. We manage both relative and absolute return strategies.


Both fixed income and commodities are areas where Fulcrum has a wealth of experience and expertise. These strategies are available to clients as solutions for their own asset allocation and portfolio construction.


Fulcrum has been managing alternative beta strategies since 2007. Our understanding of the drivers of alternative beta is based on both our experience in systematic investing and our proprietary research.