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Alternative Strategies

Fulcrum Alternative Strategies aims to make investments across real assets, alternative credit and diversifiers.

The Fulcrum Alternative Strategies Team develops solutions that are designed to offer diversification from core bond and equity markets. Our solutions span the full liquidity spectrum from daily dealing funds to illiquid co-investments.

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The Investment Framework

Our investment process has been developed with the following guiding principles:

  • Nimbleness
  • Aligned with investors' needs
  • Simplicity over complexity
  • Thoughtful implementation
  • Long-term investment horizon
  • Intelligent use of technology


Diversified Liquid Alternatives

The Diversified Liquid Alternatives Strategy provides broad exposure across Real Assets, Alternative Credit and Diversifiers with daily liquidity and no performance fees.

Alternative Managers

The Strategy aims to achieve capital appreciation over the long-term with a low correlation to broad equity and fixed income markets by allocating to alternative asset managers pursuing diverse investment strategies globally within UCITS guidelines.