The Fulcrum Team

Fulcrum is an experienced, stable, multi-disciplinary team whose senior members have complementary strengths and are supported by a team of over 30 research investment professionals.

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Culture of Exellence

We believe that the key factors in generating compelling risk-adjusted investment returns in multi-asset investing are driven by manager skill and a breadth of ideas in the Fund over the long run.

Our team has worked together through the financial crisis and remains together to deliver for our clients in the future. Integrity and honesty are at the heart of our business and we expect our people to maintain high ethical standards in everything they do. Our assets are our team and we pride ourselves on our ability to attract, retain and grow talented individuals across all areas of our business. We need and value diversity and as such seek to attract, retain and motivate people from all backgrounds.

Our mission is to disrupt through innovation. By motivating exceptional talent and harnessing technology effectively, we give our investors access to cutting-edge research and a wide variety of robust return streams.