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Systematic Strategies

The Fulcrum Systematic Research team develops systematic strategies to capture non-traditional sources, which can offer broad diversification benefits to an investor, all in a liquid, transparent and reasonably priced format.

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Fulcrum Risk Premia

Fulcrum has been managing Risk Premia strategies since 2007. Our understanding of the drivers behind these strategies is based both on our experience in risk premia investing and our ongoing proprietary research. For over a decade, Fulcrum has invested in and benefited from the uncorrelated returns that systematic strategies can deliver.

Exposure to systematic strategies is an increasingly important contributor to any portfolio, with the ability to generate attractive risk adjusted and cost-effective returns. It can provide investors with an efficient means of diversifying the equity and bond risks of more traditional portfolios and of capturing the underlying return drivers of many non-traditional strategies.

Fulcrum provides a range of multi-asset systematic strategies. These are offered both as stand-alone, multi-asset single risk premia funds, and as a package including all the premia or customised solutions. As with our wider product range, these portfolios are available in low-cost, transparent, liquid and regulated structures.