Gavyn Davies
Gavyn Davies

Fulcrum Chairman & Founding Partner

Gavyn is the Chairman of Fulcrum. Prior to Fulcrum, Gavyn was Chairman of the BBC from 2001. He joined Goldman Sachs in 1986 and became Partner in 1988 when he also became the Chief Economist as well as Chairman of the Research Department until he left in 2001. Gavyn was a member of H.M.Treasury Independent Forecasting Panel (1992-1997). He joined the Government’s Policy Unit as an Economist (1974) and was an Economic Policy Adviser to the British Prime Minister (1976-1979). Gavyn graduated in Economics from Cambridge in 1972 followed by two years of research at Oxford.

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25 April, 2022
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30 March, 2022
Has the Fed abandoned its average inflation target?
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01 February, 2022
Fiscal Policy, Inflation and the Federal Reserve
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06 January, 2022
The pandemic has marked a turning point for asset markets
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11 January, 2021
Bitcoin has ambitions for gold’s role
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15 December, 2020
As Covid optimism grows, investors seek to hedge against inflation risk
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