Discretionary Strategies

Global Discretionary Investing Backed by Research


Our global discretionary strategies is designed to generate returns, offer downside protection and provide complementarity. The strategies include investing globally in traditional asset classes, such as equities and bonds, as well as a wide variety of uncorrelated return streams. We follow a robust and repeatable investment process that is guided by economic theory and backed by empirical research.


Beyond investment, risk management is central to our approach. Specifically, we seek to limit volatility and performance drawdowns to realistic and acceptable levels so that our clients can maintain an appropriate investment horizon and avoid common behavioural mistakes that stem from unexpected volatility.

Areas of Expertise

  • Quality and Stability of Team: we are an experienced and stable team that has worked together for nearly two decades.
  • Repeatable Process: we follow a robust and dynamic investment process that is not reliant on luck.
  • Performance Focus: we have delivered strong risk-adjusted returns with a low correlation to equities in our absolute return mandates.
  • Portfolio Breadth: our approach is highly diversified across strategies, time horizons, asset classes and geographies.
  • Effective Risk Management: our risk-management process seeks to deliver positive return asymmetry.
  • Culture of Excellence: we are at the knowledge frontier in many areas that impact our investment strategies.