Fulcrum Multi Asset Trend Fund

Designed as a medium-term, broadly multi-asset, pure Trend follower.

Fulcrum Risk Premia Strategy

A macro-driven Risk Premia strategy incorporating: Volatility, Carry, Trend, Skewness and Value offered in UCITS form.

Fulcrum Equity Dispersion Fund

Focused on certain volatility related risk premia including the positive historical long-term premium between implied and subsequent realised correlation amongst equities.

Fulcrum Thematic Equity Market Neutral Fund

Designed as an equity market neutral large cap long-term thematic equity fund.

Fulcrum Climate Change Fund

Focused on delivering excess returns over global equity markets while being aligned with temperature targets of the Paris Agreement.

Fulcrum Diversified Absolute Return Fund

Designed to deliver strong risk-adjusted returns over the medium to long term, with a low correlation to equity markets.