Fulcrum Risk Premia Strategy

Seeks to deliver attractive risk-adjusted returns by capturing robust and repeatable systematic macro risk premia across a diverse portfolio of strategies, asset classes and geographies.

investment objectives

6- 0 %
cash + per annum over rolling 5-year periods
0 %
targeted annual volatility



The Fulcrum Risk Premia Strategy seeks to deliver returns systematically from a diversified range of global liquid risk premia and trading strategies, which have historically shown a low correlation to traditional asset classes in a liquid, transparent format.

We invest in commodities, currencies (developed and emerging market), fixed income (government bonds and interest rate swaps), credit index, equity index and equity volatility index markets. We do not invest in single name equities or individual credits.


Investment Universe


Fixed Income





Key Differentiators

  • Diversification: highly diversified portfolio of return streams from strategies, asset classes, and geographies
  • Macro Premia: focused on macro premia and not single-stock, equity-based premia
  • Discipline: robust, repeatable and transparent systematic investment process
  • Experience: successfully managing liquid risk premia strategies for nearly 15 years
  • Continual Research Improvements: as the markets change over time so must we; we are driven to innovate 
  • Transparency: we pride ourselves on our transparency with investors

Investment Philosophy

We have a collegiate approach to the academic and practical research around Risk Premia and implement the findings in a liquid format with a strictly systematic approach and a high level of transparency. Taking advantage of our distinguished position of being an asset manager with a sophisticated, experienced and well-regarded macroeconomic research capability, we combine this with our systematic research and use the strength of this collaboration to produce market-leading solutions for clients that help them diversify portfolios.


Leveraging Fulcrum's Capabilities

The Team draws on the investment capabilities of Fulcrum’s deep resource of investment professionals, from both the discretionary as well as the systematic side of the business. 





Three Gears


The Team

The Fulcrum Systematic Team is lucky enough to have close collaborative links with some of the most prestigious Financial Research Universities and Forums around the world. We participate in and benefit from many of their working groups and conferences. We find this very helpful in the evolution of our products.

Philip Strother
Head of Portfolio Management Group
Philip Strother
Head of Portfolio Management Group

Phil Strother joined Fulcrum in 2015. He heads up the Portfolio Management Group and is Portfolio Manager on the Fulcrum Multi-Asset Trend Fund and the Fulcrum Risk Premia Strategy. With over 20 years’ investment experience, Phil has previously worked at AHL, COMAC Capital, JPMorgan and BNP Paribas. Phil holds a Ph.D. in Physics from Imperial College London and an M.Sc. in Finance from the London Business School.

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