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London, 27 July 2020: Fulcrum Asset Management (Fulcrum) announces the launch of the Fulcrum Equity Dispersion Fund on 31 July and the Fulcrum Thematic Equity Market Neutral Fund (TEMN) on 3 August. Both funds, carve-out of existing strategies from the Fulcrum Diversified Absolute Return Fund (DAR), were developed to meet client demand.

Fulcrum Equity Dispersion Fund

The Fulcrum Equity Dispersion Fund has been a live strategy within DAR for the last three years. Having performed well in volatile periods, including March 2020, the decision was taken to launch a separate fund, which will be managed by Stephen Crewe.

The Fund is an effective diversifier, due to the positive carry characteristics and long volatility exposure to large cap global equity; in the three years the strategy has been running as part of the DAR Fund it had a correlation of around 10% to equity and zero to fixed income.

Launch AUM of the Fulcrum Equity Dispersion Fund is expected to be $110m.

Fulcrum Thematic Equity Market Neutral Fund

The strategy has been live for over two years as part of the DAR Fund and is the result of efforts to build out thematic equity capability at Fulcrum. Direct exposure to this discretionary equity product will now be offered as the Fulcrum Thematic Equity Market Neutral Fund and it will be managed by Fawaz Chaudhry.

The Fund, which is strictly beta-neutral, will offer exposure to between 20-30 long-term global themes, with exposure managed to create minimal stock-specific or factor risk. The strategy has had a 15% correlation to global equities.

The Fund is expected to have launch AUM of $120m.

It is testament to our investment team that client demand has led us to create two new funds of existing strategies, both with significant launch AUM. We believe that the current and future market environment will be fertile for these strategies.

Andrew Stevens

Both the new funds will be Luxembourg registered SICAVs, and available throughout most major European jurisdictions.

For professional investors only.


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