Responsible Investing

We aim to be thought leaders, making a meaningful contribution to the industry agenda and thus, having a positive impact.

Introduction to Responsible Investing at Fulcrum

We have a holistic approach to Responsible Investment, which incorporates our dealings with key stakeholders as well as our investment process. We look to integrate ESG risks across asset classes and time horizons wherever possible.

At Fulcrum, we integrate Responsible Investment considerations as part of our investment process. Over the medium term, we believe that climate change is the single largest risk faced by many investors, not merely the single largest ESG-related risk. As society seeks to mitigate climate change over the coming decades, we expect there to be profound and lasting effects across all sectors, with the investment landscape severely disrupted. This is why we have a particular focus on climate change at Fulcrum and we are supporters of several related initiatives.

Corporate Responsibility

Fulcrum has made a firm commitment to being responsible investor and to actively consider clients’ sustainability objectives. We are aware of the challenges facing the natural environment and believe that financial markets have an important role to play to create a more sustainable world.


Areas of Expertise

  • A focus on climate change alignment and transition risk
  • Integrating responsible investment considerations across asset classes
  • Considering sustainability in external manager selection