Alternative Solutions

Tailored exposure to underrepresented assets with impartial implementation.


Our Alternative Solutions Team helps investors overcome governance challenges by offering bespoke and collaborative access to Real Assets, Alternative Credit and Diversifiers across the liquidity spectrum. We have an impartial approach to implementation and integrate Responsible Investing throughout.


Real Assets


Alternative Credit



To ensure we develop the best possible solution for our clients, we engage in the following process:

  • Establish investor needs and objectives
  • Solution design
  • Refine investment toolkit
  • Portfolio and risk management
  • Ongoing consultation and relationship
The chart with arrows shows different solutions

Critical to the construct of our solutions is the integration of Responsible Investing and our impartial approach to implementation. Impartial implementation involves blending the best of active, thematic, smart beta and passive investments, internally or externally managed, in one integrated portfolio to maximise the probability of achieving the investment objectives.

We explicitly underwrite/score each investment considered, based on Four Key Factors:

  1. Return
  2. Diversification
  3. ESG
  4. Terms & Conditions

Areas of Expertise

  • Providing long-term, thematic exposure to assets often underrepresented in client portfolios
  • Real Assets, Alternative Credit, Diversifiers
  • Inquisitive approach to research with disciplined impartial implementation
  • Thoughtful integration of Responsible Investments
  • Sourcing differentiated investment ideas, including Illiquid Alternatives, to pursue First Mover Advantage
  • Minimising transaction and other implementation costs