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Fulcrum is an independently owned investment manager with strategies in three related areas: Diversified Growth, Absolute Return, and Alternative Beta.


Rigorous and Innovative

Research is the starting point of our investment process. We aim to be at the frontier of knowledge in empirical macroeconomics and finance.


Diversification and Risk Management

Asset allocation and risk management are central to our investment approach. Our team is led by experienced economists, and portfolio and risk managers.

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Research-driven asset management

Publishing research ensures the discipline, rigour and a philosophy of constant improvement that is required to deliver attractive risk-adjusted returns for our investors.

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Following the Trend: Tracking GDP when long-run growth is uncertain

We document a significant decline in long-run GDP growth in the United States, the bulk of this slowdown occurred prior to the Great Recession.

Multi Asset Alternative Beta

The authors analyse multi-asset trend, carry, and volatility returns, explaining why they exist, the benefits they confer to a traditional balanced portfolio, and the risks.

13 Aug 2015

Has China just pressed the escape button?

For many months, as dark clouds have gathered over the Chinese economy, it has seemed obvious that the authorities might be tempted to press an escape button that has been used by all the other major economies since 2008.

10 Jul 2015

Global growth report card - End of the global dip

This is the latest of a monthly series of research notes on the recent behaviour of global economic activity.

30 Jun 2015

Double bubble trouble in China

The recent sharp decline in the Chinese domestic “A” share market has raised fears that the market has been in a bubble.

09 Jun 2015

Global growth report card - Asian rebound soothes nerves about global growth

This research note contains our regular monthly “report card” on global activity for June 2015.

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